Sunday Mornings at 9:45

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Family Matters Room 305

Led by Adam Hatley and Jake Herrin

Family Matters LifeGroup is comprised of young adult families. Not only does the class meet on Sunday mornings during the LifeGroup hour, they also have small groups within the class that meets during the week at local coffee shops and restaurants.

Family Ministry Room 301

Led by Sonya & Howard Moose

Family Ministry LifeGroup is comprised of couples who have teenage children in our Student Ministry. This class focuses on steering a family through the years before your children leave for college.  

College & Careers Room 306

Led by Ryan & Cheri Hathcock

College & Careers LifeGroup is a class designed for the young professionals at West. Whether you are in college or between college and marriage, this class is a great spot to get plugged in a setting with your peers. 

Faithful Friends Room 302

Led by Mark Allen & Bud Vanhoy

Faithful Friends LifeGroup is a class comprised of empty-nesters trying to navigate life after children in the home. This class is for the couples who find themselves in that category and have a hunger for the Word.

Extraordinary Women Room 207

Led by Brenda Gooch & Darlene Moyle

Extraordinary Women LifeGroup, or E-Women as they call themselves are for women of all ages that want to be surrounded by like-minded women who are ordinary on the outside, but have been transformed by an extraordinary truth. This class is for single or married women.

Pathfinders Room 303

Led by Bill Hendrick, Joanne Burleson & Others

Pathfinders LifeGroup are a group of single folks and married couples that are nearing or at retirement age. This group is great for making friends, because we think you'll know at least one person in this class if you are new to West. You could say they're the "cool 'kids.'"

Sister Chicks Room 204

Led by Faye Blalock & Cynthia Lowder

Sister Chicks LifeGroup is comprised of grandmothers that are always looking for the fun in things. This group is a fun option with one focus, learning more and digging deeper into the Word, together. 

Faithful Servants Room 202

Led by Barbara Lowder & Dale Poplin

Faithful Servants LifeGroup is made up of semi-retired couples offering a gateway into serving. This group is always looking beyond the walls of West into our community searching for ways to reach the brokenhearted, needy, and lost.

He-Man Women Haters Room 201

Led by Kent Little & Travis Morehead

He-Man Women Haters LifeGroups doesn't actually hate women,  but women are strictly forbidden from entering their classroom. In all seriousness, this group of men, some married and some single, range from their twenties to seventies. With an age range that vast, this class offers a lot of wisdom, experience, and biblically sound teaching for any man to benefit from.  

Golden Age Men Room 101

Led by Ed Wise & Charlie Yett

The Golden Age Men's LifeGroup is comprised of married men, and widowers who are farther down life's journey. They seek the truth in the God's word and are always looking for ways to bless others.

Legacy Room 102

Led by Richard Gooch & Diane Yett

The Legacy LifeGroup is a dynamic group of couples and widows/widowers that don't let their age dictate their love for ministry and the Lord. These folks are father down the path of life, and know from experience how a close group of friends can benefit one other.

Golden Girls Room K-104

Led by Paula Talbert

The Golden Girls LifeGroup is made up of some of our older ladies at West. These women don't let their age dictate their activeness or zest for life. Having a love for fun, and a hunger for the Word, they strike the perfect balance of what a LifeGroup should be.