GrowthGroups provide a place during the week to help you grow and mature in your relationship with God.


33: A Man and His Story (Men's Study)

Room 204 Led by Robin Martin

April 24 - May 29  |  6pm

33 The Series: A man and His Traps challenges and equips men to go below the surface, to look deep into their hearts and explore some areas that are all too easy to ignore but that are critical in their journey toward Authentic Manhood. It introduces a framework and a process that will help men understand what lies behind the manhood traps and beneath the heart idols that can distract them from the truth and the power of the Gospel. Then it unfolds a biblical battle plan that helps men replace specific temptations and struggles with God's better promises. It deals head-on with issues that all of us as men can relate to like sexual lust, the need for control, unfounded fear and the pursuit of significance.


* This study offers a companion book that costs $15. Please indicate when you register if you want the book. Payment will be collected at the first class.

Free of Me (Women's Study)

Room 101 Led by Paula Talbert & Cheri Hathcock

April 24 - May 22  |  6:30pm

We live in a culture that's all about self, becoming the best “me” I can be instead of becoming like Jesus. This me-centered message affects every area of our lives—our friendships, families, self-image, even our faith—and it negatively impacts each one. The self-focused life robs our joy, shrinks our souls, and is the reason we never quite break free of insecurity. In this 5-part series, Sharon Hodde Miller invites us into a bigger, Jesus-centered vision—one that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. Based on her book Free of Me, this study unveils our deepest insecurities and equips us to focus on God and others instead of ourselves. Discover a purpose bigger than “project me” and experience freedom from the burden of self-focus. 

* This study offers a free participants guide that will be given to you. There is also a companion book that costs $10 but is not necessary to take the class. Please indicate when you register if you want the $10 companion book. Payment will be collected at the first class.

Engage (Parenting Study)

Room 207 Led by Adam Hatley

April 24 - May 22  |  6:30pm

Raising children in a tech-obsessed social media world is tough. What limits do you put on it? Is it safe? Why can't kids just put their phones down? Engage is a five-lesson, practical course hosted by Kirk Cameron that will help you navigate parenting in a social media age. Packed with expert interviews, a hands-on study and resource guide, downloadable tools, and biblical principles, it's the ultimate tool for not just surviving but thriving as a parent in today's culture and engaging your children on such a crucial topic.

All the Places to Go

Room 102 Led by Faye Blalock

April 24 - June 5  |  6:30pm

Very rarely in the Bible does God command someone to “stay.” He opens a door, and then he invites us to walk through it—into the unknown. And how we choose to respond will ultimately determine the lives we will lead and the people we will become.

In this six-session video curriculum, bestselling author John Ortberg opens our eyes to the countless open doors God places before us every day, teaches us how to recognize them, and gives us the encouragement to step out in faith and embrace all of the extraordinary opportunities that await.

So go ahead—walk through that door. You just might do something that lasts for eternity.


* This study offers a participant guide that costs $10. It also offers the book, "All the Places to Go" by John Ortburg for $15. Please indicate when you register if you want either book. Payment will be collected at the first class.

Financial Peace University

Room 207 Led by Jim & Ginger Vick

June 19 - August 28  |  6pm

Dave Ramsey created Financial Peace University nearly 25 years ago after learning how to pay off debt, save and spend wisely, and build wealth. Today, millions have used the same principles to transform their lives. No more money fights! With Financial Peace University, you and your spouse will learn how to create (and stick to) a budget, save for emergencies, and make a financial plan for the future.


* This study requires families to purchase a $109 Financial Peace Membership. Follow the Register button for registration and payment.