Belonging. God intended it. People long for it. In fact, people are wired to belong--to be part of a larger group.


The path to becoming a member at West travels through our Discovery 101 Class. In the class, you will discover the purpose of the church, where we've been, where we're going, what we believe and why membership matters. We know you want to learn as much about a church as you can before you plant roots. We get it!


We want to help you uncover all there is to know about West Albemarle in a class designed for people who are in the "getting to know you" phase. Plan on attending Discovery 101 to uncover more about West.

Topics Discussed

  • West Albemarle's core beliefs and values
  • Why God wants a personal relationship with us
  • Why He wants us to be connected with a church
  • Church history and culture
  • Introduction to our Staff and a tour of our Facilities

Location & Times

We do not offer the class every week, so please check below  for the next scheduled dates.

-August 18th at 6pm

Discoery101 on June 12 at 9:45am