Plan Your Visit Launches

Plan Your Visit- a new service we offer at West Albemarle

Most people will visit our website long before they visit our campus. Since you are reading this, you may be one of those people, or you may be one of our regular attenders killing time at work before 5 o’clock comes. It’s okay whoever you are, because I am speaking to both of you.

Before Easter of this year, we introduced a new feature on our website. Plan Your Visit is a way for first time guests to let us know that they are planning on attending our church. It is a series of questions we ask to find out general details about the person or persons coming, what Sunday they are coming on, and to what service they are coming to. Some folks are private, and would like to attend a church for the first few times without drawing any attention to themselves, and we get that. Others are curious to the process, and want to give it a try. One thing is for sure for both types of people, we only want to make them feel welcomed and accepted at West.

The advantages of the Plan Your Visit is that we have prior contact with the person(s) attending.

A simple email is sent to the folks letting them know we are exciting for their visit and that we will meet them at our guest parking area. If they have children, we assist them in getting their kids checked into WestKid’s Worship, stop by our Guest Center to give them a gift for coming, and then help the parents find the perfect seat in our Worship Center. Once seated we leave them to settle in before the service begins If they are a single person, or don’t have kids young enough to go to WestKid’s worship, we keep the same process, just skip the Kids check-in part.

This new service we offer is about making the first-time guest experience more enjoyable. As we do this we begin building a relationship with someone who has never stepped foot on our campus before. Studies show relationships matter for folks looking for a church home. They also show that not knowing what to do or where to go when guests arrive is a major drawback. Plan Your Visit takes the guesswork out of being our guest.

Our services at West are filled with Christ-honoring music, and messages.

Pastor Adam speaking on a Sunday morning at West Albemarle.

Sometime in the near future, why don’t you plan your visit to West?

If you already attend here on a regular basis, I hope you copy and paste the link to our Plan Your Visit Page in an email, text message, or social media post to a friend or family member encouraging them to make plans to come. In either case, we look forward to seeing new faces at West every Sunday.


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