Outside Renovations Begin

August 21, 2019 | Campus

We are beginning outside renovations this week. We want to give an overview as to what the scope of work includes.


  1. The common area between the Adult Education Building and WestKid’s Building will be expanded. Drainage is always an issue in this area and folks can attest to the wet shoes you will get when it is raining. We will remove the grassy area and trees, and the sidewalk will extend to both buildings. The overhead awning will be expanded and new drainage lines will be ran.
  2. On the backside of the Adult Education Building, we will be tying in the gutter system for the building into the city’s storm drain, moving the sidewalk closer to the building, and adding a curb and sidewalk at the parking lot level. On the end closest to Church St, we are adding a ramp from the parking lot to the Wiscassett Room door to allow for wheelchair access. This side of our church is the most used, and yet it one of the most unappealing sides. We will be landscaping that whole area with new plantings and trees. Dressing this area up will improve our curb appeal as well as direct foot traffic in a more efficient way.
  3. We will ramp the entrance into the Wiscassett Room on Church Street and add an awning over the door.
  4. The front of our Worship Center will also see work done. We will widen and remove the planter from the sidewalk in front of our Worship center on Mill Street. We will reform and re-pour the front steps. The sidewalk running down the side of our front parking lot will extend all the way to the street. The front yard will be graded down to street level and the area will be landscaped.


Rear of Adult Education Building

This shot is pre-renovation, and includes no landscaping, and broken sidewalks.

These improvements to our facilities are not just cosmetic but provide solutions to issues that we have been battling for a while.

Drainage from roof runoff directed away from our buildings are necessary to the longevity of our facilities. New sidewalks and ramps provide wheelchair access to Level 1 of our Adult Education Building, something we do not currently have. New plantings and landscape will improve the curb appeal of our building, and make it a more inviting place to come to. As you can see in the above image, our curb appeal from the rear of our building is something to be desired.


Please be understanding during this time of outside renovations. Due to the limited access into our facilities, schedules and walking patterns will have to be adjusted. Please be in prayer for our staff team planning changes, and construction workers dealing with the heat and heavy machinery.

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