First Impact Team Revamped

August 21, 2019 | Campus

At West we value everyone that comes on our campus.

The First Impact Team’s purpose is to help every person have an enjoyable and safe worship experience. This starts from the moment of their arrival to their departure.

Since March, we have revamped our First Impact Team at West Albemarle. Our First Impact Team consists of people from all walks of life, young and old, men and women. Since the overhaul, we have added numerous areas where we place team members to welcome folks each week. We have introduced procedures to ensure those who are coming to West do not feel overwhelmed or intimidated. Guest Parking is reserved in front of our Worship Center and is one of the best parking locations we have.

From a team that had eight people serving monthly to now- a team that has 30 folks serving monthly. God has blessed us with a group of 60+ volunteers eager to love on those arriving at West Albemarle.

First Impact Team

First Impact Team member Carroll Hudson meets Pam Knighten with an umbrella to walk her to her car.

Areas of service include those who arrive early to make coffee. Did you know that the coffee doesn’t make itself? We were just as surprised as you are. There are folks that arrive early to unlock doors and turn on lights and make sure the temperature of our rooms are just right. We have people who meet you on our sidewalks (which we have an abundance of at West), those who pass out our message notes, folks who watch out for new faces inside of our Worship Center, and a few who man our Guest Center after the services. We even have a team of men and women who will meet you at your car with an umbrella if it is raining.

The First Impact Team isn’t a new team at West Albemarle.

It is a team that goes back to our inception in the early 1900s. This team may have not always been called First Impact, or had a set of guidelines to follow, but someone has always welcomed you into our church at the doors. As times have changed, so have we. We love that we can offer a great experience to those who visit, even before they enter our doors. We want to make our first impact one that lasts, grows, and shows the love of Christ in a very practical way- starting with a hello.

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